Dayal incubators are designed and built to maximise hatchery performance technically and economically... year after year.

Modern breeds demand a lot from your incubation equipment. Dayal incubators create the ideal biosphere for your hatching eggs in accordance with the latest incubation methodologies. Whatever your needs are, multi- or single-stage incubation, Dayal has the right model for you to provide you with the maximum profit for life.

Single-stage incubators

The S-line is an innovative range of single-stage incubators that sets new standards in incubation.

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Multi-Stage incubators

The Dayal Multi-stage incubators are a complete line of setters and hatchers that can be used for single- or multi-stage operation. Whatever your needs are, there is always one model that fits your requirements in capacity and features.

  • Machines for Broiler, Layer, Turkey, Goose, Duck, Game bird, Vaccines
  • Capacities ranging from 8,568 to 34,272 chicken eggs. 
  • A wide range of options to comply with your specific requirements.


Multi-Stage product range

Dayal offers a complete range of setters and hatchers for Broiler, Layer, Turkey, Goose, Duck, Game bird, Vaccines.