Hatchery Equipments

Hatchery Equipments

The Equipment in your Hatchery plays a crucial role when it comes to an Efficient hatchery Workflow. It should be Easy to Operate and Maintain without requiring Specialized Training. Modern breeds demand a lot from your Incubation Equipment.

Dayal Incubators create the Ideal biosphere for your hatching eggs in accordance with the latest Incubation Technology. Whatever your needs are, Multi- or Single-Stage Incubation, Dayal has the right model for you to provide you with the Maximum Profit for Life.

To further Increase Efficiency and Reduce Physical Labour, you can opt for Automation Equipment. By connecting your equipment to a Network, you will be able to Monitor and Control operations from any point in your Hatchery.

Control Systems

All Dayal incubators have an electronic control system that is specially in-house designed and engineered. Two systems are available: Digital or Analog. You can choose either of these depending on the degree of technology required.


The Digital controller is a digital controller providing advanced functionality. The Digital controller is controlled by a HMI and Cloud Connectivity.


The Analog controller is a the recommended controller for use in a non-sophisticated environment. It allows control over the basic functions of the incubator.


E-Spare Parts

You want to avoid hassles and errors when ordering spare parts.

Order your genuine replacement parts through our website 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!