Designed to meet the specific requirements of small, specialised hatcheries


The Combi Incubator has been Designed to Incorporate the Features and Advantages of Dayal's New & Modern Incubation Technologies, to meet the Specific Requirements of Small, Specialised hatcheries.

The Combi offers Controlled Setter and Hatcher functions in One Cabinet and can be used for various species, including Hen, Quail, Ostrich, Duck, Goose or Turkey. Flexible in operation, the unit can be used solely as a Setter, a Hatcher or as a Combination of Both. Easily manoeuvrable when fitted with large Nylon swivel wheels, the Combi Incubator is supplied Pre-tested, Ready to Plug in and Start Incubating.

How it works

  • The Combi Incubator is constructed from Heavy Duty, Waterproof Panels and Equipped with Electronic Temperature and Humidity Controls
  • The Machine Incorporates a Reliable, Fully Automatic, Linear Actuator turning device which rotates the eggs through 90° at Programmable Time Periods
  • New User-friendly interface design makes Operation Simple and Easily Accessible to Operators of All Skill Levels
  • The Combi is shipped Fully Assembled, and is Simple to Install and Operate
  • Wide Front Door Allows Easy Access To All Parts Of The Machine And Sealed Dust Proof Motor.

Technical specifications

Available for Hen, Goose, Ostrich, Duck and Turkey eggs
Electrical requirements 230 volts / 3 amp. / 50 Hz / 1 Ph + 0 + PE
Installed power 550W
Capacity Setting/Hatching





Chicken Egg Tray   612/204   1224/408
Quail Egg Tray   1584/528   3168/1056
Duck Egg Tray   540/180   1080/360
Turkey Egg Tray   360/120   720/240