Dayal is constantly seeking new and innovative ways of improving hatchability and chick quality.

Every aspect of the incubation process, from on-from egg collection to the despatch of top-quality chicks, is constantly reviewed as the company strives for total perfection.

Undoubtedly, the key to long-term profitability is through the selection of equipment that can not only guarantee the highest standards of quality but also provide the most effective performance.

In this respect, Dayal equipments is designed for a life time's profitable operation. In other words, Quality for Life.

Company Background

Since its inception in the year 1956 when Sardar Kabul Singh invented the first electric incubator in the Asia and was honoured by Our Late Prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi for bringing useful foreign currency in India in Poultry manufacturing section. The company has pioneered in the art of manufacturing Poultry Appliances in India. These incubators are widely acclaimed all over the World as best quality setters and hatchers. The Company enjoys the most enviable status of providing best value.


65+ years in Incubation


50+ colleagues


10,000+ hatcheries

Milestones & Innovations

  • 1947 Start of Dayal Poultry Appliances
  • 1953 Factory opened in Mayapuri, India
  • 1962 First machine exports
  • 1963 Awarded By Indira Gandhi for 1st Dollar in Export
  • 1997 New HPL Panel Body Launched
  • 1999 Launch of 1st Plastic Setting & Hatching trays in Asia
  • 2009 Introduction of Digital Controls
  • 2020 New Manufacturing Plant in Chandigarh
  • 2021 New Digital Control from Omron & Schneider

Global presence

Feeding the world


Billion's of day old chicks hatched per year in Dayal Incubators


Broiler, Layer, Turkey, Goose, Duck, Game bird, Vaccines

Global market growth

Global Population Growth

Increasing prosperity

Poultry meat affordable and acceptable worldwide

Further increase in scale

Need for fully integrated, connected process control

For the highest number of best quality chicks