Commercial Setters


Modular Setter for hen eggs for the most advanced developments


The modern hatchery manager’s goal is to produce large numbers of uniform, robust day old chicks. Dayal is the only system that meets this requirement, by uniquely combining modular incubator design and technology.

With the Highest number of eggs in each section, Dayal incubators allow for maximum uniformity and optimal climate conditions for each batch of eggs. The mechanical turning mechanism ensures a foolproof and reliable setter tray tuning system. Tray turning itself is inline with the airflow, which enables optimal ventilation conditions for each, individual setter tray.

Technical Specifications           

      IS-34            IS-17           IS-8
Capacity Hen eggs ( 102 egg tray )
  34,272                          17,136                         8,568
Capacity Hen eggs ( 101 egg tray )
  33,936                           16,968                         8,484
Capacity Hen eggs ( 90 egg tray )
  30,240                           15,120                         7,560
Capacity Quail eggs ( 264 egg tray )
   88,704                          44,352                        22,176
Capacity Duck/Turkey  eggs ( 60 egg tray )
   20,160                          10,080                         5,040
Length/width*/height (Inches)
92” x 144” x 82”
Number of Setter Racks
       2                                      1                                  1
Number of trays
     336                                 168                               84
Setter tray dimensions (inches)
28.25” x 12” x 1”
Modular design
Heating, cooling, humidification and ventilation systems in each incubation section
Electrical heating and Heating copper coil
Air Cooling System
Classic Gunny Ring    Ultrasonic Humidifier (Optional)
Incubator control
Digital and Analog        PLC System (Optional)
Energy Saving Module
Fully sealed cabinet; robust, easy-to-clean construction ; extruded, anodized powder coated aluminium profiles for maximum stability and ease of installation; HPL panels with maximum insulation value; 2-lock door system, includes solid hinges, airtight sealing rubbers and solid door handles